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About Me

I’m a professional Driving Tourist Guide based in Madeira Island. I mainly guide in the local area and consider myself an expert on this region.


I felt in love with this Island that I want to give my insight to all of you that are visiting this island.

My main reason of building this blog is because I do not stop bragging about how beautiful Madeira Island is. 😁 Every time people ask me where I am from, I spent hours speaking about the amazing things Madeira Island has to offer. So I build this blog with the purpose to give information about Madeira island to help all the visitors to organize their Holidays.

I spend a lot of my time researching and exploring new options to help keep my blog fresh, interesting and relevant - which means returning clients will discover something new every time they search my blog. Take a look to my suggestions and get in touch if you would like me to tailor an itinerary specially for you. I can’t wait to "show you" the Island as I see it.

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